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I have co-created two different podcasts with friends of mine. Under A Fortnight with my friend Sean Blackburn, and Reel Dads with my friend Tim Henderson. With both podcasts my goal has always been to create podcasts using technology that is readily available to anyone/everyone in order to tell unique stories.

With Under a Fortnight we asked a group of subjects, each episode, to document their lives for a week using the “audio memo” app on their smartphones. For the first episode we had a group of people do so during the week of the 2016 presidential election and the end result was a beautiful and complicated picture of American life in that week.

Reel Dads was a podcast started in order to reconnect with my best friend from High School, Tim Henderson. Over the years we had drifted apart from each other both physically (I live in New York, he lives in North Carolina) and emotionally. So in order to reconnect we decided to start sending each other voicemails recommending films to one another. So far we have made 30+ episodes and are still going strong, and although we may live far apart our friendship has never been stronger.