Following Philip

“Following Philip” was filmed in the winter of 2019. It is a short I wrote, directed, shot, and edited. The bulk of the filming took place over the course of one night with my friends Nick and Richard. Nick and Richard did not know each other before that night but had very natural chemistry between each other. Richard was the perfect “straight man” to the “funny man” character nick played and we had a lot of fun filming the last scene of them in the car together.

In Our House

“In Our House” was made in the summer of 2018. It is a short I wrote, directed, shot and edited. The shooting schedule for this one was very loose with the exception of all the scenes that featured the young couple (played by my friends Max and Emi). Those scenes had to be filmed all in one day which was both stressful and extremely fun at the same time. Upon it’s release it was featured on Film Shortage.